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Spectacular sunset at MP3 German Kriegsmarine observation tower at Les Landes, St Ouen Jersey 


A self timer picture of myself aged 16, (1979) at the Gun graveyardLes Landes St Ouen Jersey

My Background. I have had a very long career (over 30 years) working as a photo journalist for the Jersey Evening Post

I've loved taking pictures since I was eight years old! My first films and printing black & white pictures was when I was 12. At school I was always in the darkroom, so naturally this was my best subject and I achieved high grades in my exams. I left school at 16, and started working for a commercial photographer straight away, doing studio and development of colour films & printing. 

After a few years, I wanted to travel so took on seasonal work selling cameras and equipment to the genral public, which allowed me to save my money to go travelling in the winter. After 5 years I managed to secure a job with our local newspaper. So began my photo journalist career! In my time I have covered so many different events, literally capturing the heart of Island life here in Jersey, Channel Islands.  

Ellie Golding on Stage at Jersey Live 2016. Photograph ; Tony Pike reorders: Jersey Evening Post

Photography as Communication

More than anything, photographs are THE record for remembering important events in your life, and giving so much enjoyment too! A well taken photograph will be with you and your family forever. Light ,composition and attention to background are all essential to make that perfect image that is special to you. 

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